Packing And Moving The Right Way

Moving day is one of the most stressful days in anyone’s life. It can be frightening to trust a moving company with your fragile and delicate items that can easily break. While there are many items like sofas, patio furniture, and boxes of books that are easy to load on moving trucks, there are also other items like fine art, decorative mirrors, and china that are challenging to pack and move.

You can make your moving day easier by being prepared. All professional movers in San Diego need a hand truck and blankets. The moment that you know you are moving, you should start collecting boxes and packing materials so you do not have to spend a fortune on new boxes and packing peanuts. You should stock up on packing tape and a tape gun or two. Don’t forget bubble wrap and permanent markers so you can clearly label the boxes. Newspaper or packing paper is useful for dishes and other fragile items.

Packing Tips

Besides the fragile china and glass, your home electronics are also very easy to break. These pack best in their original boxes with the original packing. If you do not have the original boxes, you can use bubble wrap and plastic wrap to keep them safe. Then, put the electronics in a big, secure box; tape it up and put it on the truck. If you are going long distances, you might even want to put the items in a crate – especially those expensive flat screen TVs.

Antique furniture presents another challenge. If the furniture has anything removable, like finials or drawers, remove them. Pack those individual items separately and clearly label them. Then use a moving blanket to protect the actual big furniture pieces when they are put on the truck.

Moving companies sell special boxes for fragile glass and crystal. Use those for your stemware and chandeliers. If you have decorative mirrors, make a starburst pattern on the glass to protect them from shattering.

Moving Tips

When you actually start to move, do not move heavy objects without help. You can always ask family and friends to help you move or you can hire someone to move the heavy pieces for you. Professional movers do know how to move fragile things with care, especially because if they break too many things, their insurance rates increase.

It is important that you clearly label fragile items with a bright red “Fragile” on several sides of the box. You should also label what is in the box, so you do not mix up boxes and make the mistake of being careless with what you thought was a box of books, but is actually a box of stemware.

Movers have a packing rule when it comes to loading the truck. Big mirrors and art should be put between mattresses and the delicate items need to be top loaded into the truck. If you have small electronics, you should put them in your car if they fit.

The saying, “Three moves are as good as one fire,” explains how belongings can be as much work as cleaning up after a house fire. However, if you take time and prepare for the big move, you will have an easier time and your belongings will arrive in one piece rather than in many pieces.

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